India’s  landmark Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009 completes its decadal anniversary. Further, it has been renewed focus on skilling and higher education, the RTE remains one of the most important catalysts for India to reap its much-anticipated “demographic dividend.”

Right to Education Act (RTE) provides free and compulsory education to children in 2009 and enforced it as a fundamental right under Article 21-A. The Right to Education has a view to serve as a building block to ensure that every child has his or her right to get a quality elementary education. Government of Rajasthan From session 2020-2 has made the amendments under RTE act which is to provide in Class 1st. Age criteria are 5+ for the same.

For seeking admission under the RTE act admission forms have to be filed online, which is available on the official website of RTE after notification is published in the local newspaper every year.


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