Our Curriculum is based on CBSE directives and NCERT course. All aspects of academics are taken care of with due emphasis on interactive learning. Theory and Practical are given due importance. The curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth mastery of the academic disciplines and applied functional areas.

At LKPS we combine our ambition for students to achieve academic excellence with our aim to develop their spiritual and moral awareness. We take care to structure a curriculum for students that develops their independent learning skills and fosters a love of life-long learning. The curriculum is designed to ensure all students experience a broad and balanced education in these respects.

Academically we ensure that all those that need help receive it, whether that is students that are academically gifted or students with a specific need. We have a wide-ranging and carefully targeted intervention program to ensure that all students are able to make the progress of which they are capable. Our Academic tracking system allows teachers to monitor and improve each student's progress throughout the course of the year, with guidance taking place both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Parents receive regular feedback regarding their son/daughter's progress and we encourage a dialogue between staff and parents to ensure students are supported in school and at home.

Activities across the school have a strong practical focus underpinned by studies of theory, literature & aesthetic appreciation. Simply amazing is our depth in quality and breadth in opportunities that enable individual students' passion to blossom.


Class IX & X

English Language & Literature

Hindi Course B


Social Science


Information Technology



Class XI & XII

SUBJECT 1 - Language

English Core (301) (Any One)
English Elective (001)
Hindi Core (302)
Hindi Elective (002)



English Core (301) (Any One)
English Elective (001)
Hindi Core (302)
Hindi Elective (002)
Applied Mathematics (241)
Computer Science (083)
Informatics Practices (065)
Entreprenuership (066)




SUBJECT 3 , 4 & 5
Physics (042) Accountancy (055) Geography (029) or History (027)
Chemistry (043) Business Studies (054) Political Science (028) or Sociology (039)
Biology (044)  or Mathematics (041) Economics (030) Economics (030) or Psychology (037)


Any Academic Elective or Language which is not opted above. (Any One)
Information Technology (001)
Artificial Intelligence (302)
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